Yashar makes learning interesting and scaffolds really well. Great teacher!


“Yashar is an excellent teacher. He’s great at assessing where I’m at and what I need to continue to develop my Farsi. Highly recommend!”


“I have studied Farsi on and off for many years and after one lesson with Yashar, I feel I’ve entered a whole new dimension of understanding. For the first time ever I feel that I could actually REALLY learn this language! Plus he is the most fun and pleasant person to work with. So grateful!”


“Yashar was awesome, he really knows what he’s doing, and he makes me feel like he’s got me in good hands. He’s also really funny, and I love spending time with him. Merci jaanam!:)”


“Yashar is fantastic. Very friendly and knowledgeable with a great teaching style.”


“Yashar is knowledgeable, affable, and methodical. What a combination! He does a great job of assessing where I am and encouraging me to stretch to figure out the structure of the language as we go.”


“My lesson was fantastic. Yashar is an outstanding teacher, mixing reading, conversation, and now we will be adding in TV series to discuss. I highly recommend him!”


“I think that my teacher is awesome! He is very skilled and able to answer all of my questions. He is funny but at the same time able to teach me. He also has a very good method!!!!”


“Yashar is very friendly and personable. He got an assessment of where my language skills are. I felt very comfortable and relaxed. I am looking forward to my next session!”

Jana S

“Great class as always with Yashar! He brings great energy to every class and is very flexible with what the student wants to learn.”