“My lesson was fantastic. Yashar is an outstanding teacher, mixing reading, conversation, and now we will be adding in TV series to discuss. I highly recommend him!”


“I think that my teacher is awesome! He is very skilled and able to answer all of my questions. He is funny but at the same time able to teach me. He also has a very good method!!!!”


“Yashar is very friendly and personable. He got an assessment of where my language skills are. I felt very comfortable and relaxed. I am looking forward to my next session!”

Jana S

“Great class as always with Yashar! He brings great energy to every class and is very flexible with what the student wants to learn.”


“I liked Yashar’s approach to teaching languages. He has a very easy and relaxed way to teach grammar and vocabulary. I can’t wait to work with him again.”


“Mind-blowing lessons with Yashar!”


“The class was very communicative and entertaining. Yashar always involved me by asking me questions regarding the topics we were discussing. I had lots of fun and definitely enjoyed it =)”


“Yashar se explica muy bien, pone ejemplos y tiene paciencia. Estoy muy contenta con sus clases. Gracias profe! :)”


“Yashar is so friendly, warm and knowledgeable. I felt very comfortable and relaxed during the lesson and I definitely had a great first lesson with Yashar today, I enjoyed it a lot and had so much fun. He always involved me by asking me questions regarding what we were discussing about and his teaching style works perfect for me :learning through conversations. I have already learnt quite a lot of useful things about farsi in just 30 minutes. Can’t wait to have another lesson with Yashar again! Thank you so much for the great lesson today.”


Top profesor !!! Yashar es muy methodico y muy paciente.