“I liked Yashar’s approach to teaching languages. He has a very easy and relaxed way to teach grammar and vocabulary. I can’t wait to work with him again.”


“Mind-blowing lessons with Yashar!”


“The class was very communicative and entertaining. Yashar always involved me by asking me questions regarding the topics we were discussing. I had lots of fun and definitely enjoyed it =)”


“Yashar se explica muy bien, pone ejemplos y tiene paciencia. Estoy muy contenta con sus clases. Gracias profe! :)”


“Yashar is so friendly, warm and knowledgeable. I felt very comfortable and relaxed during the lesson and I definitely had a great first lesson with Yashar today, I enjoyed it a lot and had so much fun. He always involved me by asking me questions regarding what we were discussing about and his teaching style works perfect for me :learning through conversations. I have already learnt quite a lot of useful things about farsi in just 30 minutes. Can’t wait to have another lesson with Yashar again! Thank you so much for the great lesson today.”


Top profesor !!! Yashar es muy methodico y muy paciente.


I had a great lesson with Yashar! We went nice and slow because I haven’t scheduled a lesson in a while. We worked on a conversation and then picked it apart, going through and learning the nouns, verbs and phrases. Of course it was lots of fun!


“Yashar is a great teacher! As a total beginner I was afraid of starting from scratch, but Yashar knew exactly how to give an easy introduction to Farsi, building on simple concepts. He is also very qualified, given his extensive background in languages. His teaching methods are grounded in well-established linguistic methods. I’m learning more Farsi than I ever thought I could after only a few lessons! I would definitely recommend Yashar if you are thinking about learning Farsi from scratch or building your existing skills. Mersi, Yashar!”


“Yashar es muy atento y simpático, además de buen pedagogo, me ha encantado. È molto attento e simpatico, anche buon pedagogo, mi è piaciuta molto la lezione!”


“Yashar is super friendly and really easy to work with. Also, he has a great mind for languages so he understands how languages work. A lot of times native speakers can’t really explain why things work the way they do in their native languages, but Yashar does a great job of that. I”m looking forward to our next lessons and hopefully gaining some oral/aural fluency”

Kevin C