I had a great lesson with Yashar! We went nice and slow because I haven’t scheduled a lesson in a while. We worked on a conversation and then picked it apart, going through and learning the nouns, verbs and phrases. Of course it was lots of fun!


“Yashar is a great teacher! As a total beginner I was afraid of starting from scratch, but Yashar knew exactly how to give an easy introduction to Farsi, building on simple concepts. He is also very qualified, given his extensive background in languages. His teaching methods are grounded in well-established linguistic methods. I’m learning more Farsi than I ever thought I could after only a few lessons! I would definitely recommend Yashar if you are thinking about learning Farsi from scratch or building your existing skills. Mersi, Yashar!”


“Yashar es muy atento y simpático, además de buen pedagogo, me ha encantado. È molto attento e simpatico, anche buon pedagogo, mi è piaciuta molto la lezione!”


“Yashar is super friendly and really easy to work with. Also, he has a great mind for languages so he understands how languages work. A lot of times native speakers can’t really explain why things work the way they do in their native languages, but Yashar does a great job of that. I”m looking forward to our next lessons and hopefully gaining some oral/aural fluency”

Kevin C

“Yashar continues to be a patient, methodical teacher. He always encourages me and doesn’t mind repeating grammar rules or vocabulary when I forget (and forget, and forget) 🙂 He’s also always really upbeat and knows how to limit linguistic input so that the lessons aren’t overwhelming. :)”


“Yashar was great! He has a really charming personality & is easy to talk to. For the sake of our lesson we spoke in English to start, since that’s my primary language. I’m coming from basically 0 background in Farsi and felt like I left the 45 minute lesson with not just a handful of convenient everyday vocab and phrases, but also some grammar/etymology/culture breakdowns, which is exactly what I want from a language learning experience. He’s very aware of grammar & context, which is useful and reassuring and I expect it will make gradually knowing Persian much easier than with someone who didn’t speak to etymology or grammatical roles at all, as I disclosed that I’m familiar with formal language structure because of my own language learning background. Thanks again, Yashar! See you soon! Merci, taa ba’d!”


“Yashar was fun and patient. He kept a note of the mistakes I made and kindly shared them with me once the teaching was over. I will definitely continue studying Spanish with him.”


“Yashar was amazing! He was super friendly and SUPER COOL! Loved him and recommend him SO MUCH!”


“Yashar is a fantastic teacher! I’ve been studying with him for mora than a year, and I’ve gone from having zero Farsi to understanding complex sentence structures and advanced verb tenses. He is sharp at discerning a student’s proficiency level and areas of weakness, and he comes up with creative, effective exercises to strengthen those areas. He’s also flexible and accommodating. And on top of all that, classes with him are fun! You will laugh a lot and learn a ton. (That wasn’t meant to rhyme.)”


“I don’t think I’ll ever rave about Yashar enough. I decided a month ago to take on the challenge of learning Farsi before my upcoming trip to Iran. I posed the challenge to Yashar, and now just 48 hrs before my flight departs I must say there’d no one more apt at the job than Yashar!! A lot of heart goes into his course preparation. New grammar concepts are always thoughtfully embedded in the materials prepared so that introduction will flow with ease from one to another. I especially appreciate his sharing of Haft Sang, a TV series to help me warm up to the rhythm of speech prior to my departure. The 12 lessons we’ve had have led me beyond where I imagined I could land in a month, and Yashar has been more than supportive like a friend. I do sincerely wish more classes are like this! My deepest appreciation for your work Yashar. May many more have the opportunity to be led through the door of Farsi by you!!”