Learn Farsi (Persian), English and Spanish online NOW!

Hello! My name is Yashar Khazdouzian.
If you’ve been trying to learn Farsi (Persian), English or Spanish and it didn’t work out as you wanted, maybe it’s time to try something new with me! Read more about me and my teaching style here.

What’s so different with my teaching method?

What I do is focus just on colloquial and natural conversations by giving you a dialogue and then extracting the grammar points and vocabulary while taking into account the intricacies and the structure of the language. Then we make sentences together! It’s that easy! See what other people say about my classes style!

Homework & Exercises

I’ve got you covered! Depending on how much time you have during the week, I will give you comprehension tasks, fill-in-the-blanks exercises, audiobooks and movie clips with the transcript and from time to time, a song!

Why don’t you schedule a class now?!

“Yashar was great! He has a really charming personality & is easy to talk to. For the sake of our lesson we spoke in English to start, since that’s my primary language. I’m coming from basically 0 background in Farsi and felt like I left the 45 minute lesson with not just a handful of convenient everyday vocab and phrases, but also some grammar/etymology/culture breakdowns, which is exactly what I want from a language learning experience. He’s very aware of grammar & context, which is useful and reassuring and I expect it will make gradually knowing Persian much easier than with someone who didn’t speak to etymology or grammatical roles at all, as I disclosed that I’m familiar with formal language structure because of my own language learning background. Thanks again, Yashar! See you soon! Merci, taa ba’d!”


“I think that my teacher is awesome! He is very skilled and able to answer all of my questions. He is funny but at the same time able to teach me. He also has a very good method!!!!”