“I don’t think I’ll ever rave about Yashar enough. I decided a month ago to take on the challenge of learning Farsi before my upcoming trip to Iran. I posed the challenge to Yashar, and now just 48 hrs before my flight departs I must say there’d no one more apt at the job than Yashar!! A lot of heart goes into his course preparation. New grammar concepts are always thoughtfully embedded in the materials prepared so that introduction will flow with ease from one to another. I especially appreciate his sharing of Haft Sang, a TV series to help me warm up to the rhythm of speech prior to my departure. The 12 lessons we’ve had have led me beyond where I imagined I could land in a month, and Yashar has been more than supportive like a friend. I do sincerely wish more classes are like this! My deepest appreciation for your work Yashar. May many more have the opportunity to be led through the door of Farsi by you!!”